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Fotolia 32336315 LAllergies can cause a significant decline in a patient’s quality of life. They may also be predisposing factors to the development of chronic sinusitis and asthma.  At South Hills ENT Association we have a number of evaluation and treatment options to help improve your symptoms. We will work with you to determine an effective and manageable treatment regime.

We use both allergy skin testing and blood work to evaluate our patients for allergies. Our techniques are well tolerated by our patients and designed to allow for both correct diagnosis as well as patient satisfaction. Allergy testing allows for correct identification of substances in the environment that may be causing symptoms. Performing this allows us to counsel our patients on environmental controls that may help in alleviating symptoms.

Treatment options for allergic syndromes include:

  • Environmental controls
  • Medication management
  • Allergy shots

Talk to your provider about what testing and treatment options may be right for you.